Be Specific With Your Keywords

27 Jun 2018


Have you ever tried searching for markets that yielded hundreds of search results? You can improve your search using specific keywords rather than general terms.

With specific search terms, we are to dive deeper on what we know about the business. You would want to think of your client’s type of business, what they do, what products or services they offer etc. In this video, we compared the search results between a general search term ‘hospitality’ and a more specific keyword ‘coffee shop’. Hospitality generated 200 product listings while the search results for ‘coffee shop’ is down to 50. That is a quick way to get you to products that are a lot more relevant than going through 200 search results with a broad target class.

In some cases, the product titles may not always indicate the specific product that you are looking for. That doesn’t mean that they are not related to your search. It is always best to look closely into the product page where the details are summarized in such a way that would list the specific businesses that it caters to.