Check Your Fact Sheets and Apps

16 Aug 2018


Product documents are crucial when evaluating a new market. Although we have summarized the essential information in the product profile page, the documents from the insurers themselves can give you a lot more details about their product.

To be able to see what documents are available for a particular product, you will have to look at four icons:

  • A - application form
  • F - fact sheet
  • S - supplemental form
  • P - policy wording

You will be able to see these icons in two places: on the right-hand side of the search result page and within the first details section of the product profile page. Aside from these, you can also view and download all documents on the section below the product profile page. In case you’re looking for a very specific document but can’t see it in the first few lines, check if there’s a more option where you can view the rest of the documents available.