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  • Up In The Air: Keeping Up With Drones by Insurr 10 Apr 2017

    The presence of drones has increased rapidly over the past 18 months. As businesses and individuals continue to create a demand for this emerging technology, the risks associated with them are also multiplying. Even though insurance companies are creating products acknowledging the popularity of this technology, not every policy is the right fit. What exactly are the risks of operating a drone and whose fault is it when there is an incident?

  • Washed Out: Solving Overland Flooding by Insurr 13 Mar 2017

    Whatever your view on climate change, there is no denying that the number of flooding incidents has increased in Canada over the past several years. But with insurance companies reluctant to include flood damage in their policies, and local governments not necessarily responsible for clean-ups, how can we protect ourselves in the event of such a natural disaster?

  • Living The High Life: Insurance For Marijuana by Insurr 13 Feb 2017

    Cannabis is becoming more widely available across the whole of Canada thanks to changing laws and progressive legislation. However whilst businesses and users are making the most of these new changes, the insurance industry seems unsure how and when to respond.

  • 'Driving' Autonomous Cars 30 Jan 2017

    Driverless cars may seem like a fantasy from the future. But as technology catches up with the present day, how is the insurance industry equipped to respond to this emerging risk?

  • Property 101 by Insurr 20 Dec 2016

    Property, home or building insurance, is one of the largest and most important markets in the insurance industry. Whether you are insuring a commercial property, an industrial property or a residential property, this will be one of the most important insurance policies a client will need to consider.