Business and Professional Services

by GroupOne Insurance Services

  • Line of Business
    Information Technology
    Professional Services
    Property and Real Estate
  • Max Coverage
    CA$ 10M
  • Locations Served
    All Provinces
  • Contract required
  • Target Class
    • architects and engineers
    • design and construction professionals (Bill 124)
    • consultants (including management consultants, telecom consultants, etc.)
    • property managers
    • occupational health and safety consultants
    • HR recruitment and/or staffing agencies
    • media (including marketing professionals, advertising professionals, etc.)
    • technology (including IT consultants, software developers, etc.)
    • miscellaneous (including tattoo artists, event planners, therapists, etc.)
  • Product Documents
    Webpage Business and Professional Services
  • Coverage
    • Commercial General Liability
    • Professional Liability

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