Intellectual Property

by Risk-Can Underwriting Managers

  • Line of Business
    Professional Services
    Travel / Tourism
  • Locations Served
    All Provinces
  • Documents available
    A F
  • Contract required
  • Target Class
    • construction businesses (including tools and machinery)
    • general manufacturing businesses (including components for non-consumer products and machinery)
    • professional services (including architects and engineers)
    • design industry
    • oil and gas industry
    • mining and metals industry
  • Product Documents
    Application form Intellectual Property
    Fact sheet Intellectual Property
    Webpage Intellectual Property
  • Coverage
    • Financial Loss
    • Legal Expenses
  • Exclusions
    • certain types of software (including anti-virus and payment processing)
    • large medical device and pharmaceuticals
    • semi-conductors
    • telecoms and certain types of computer hardware
    • third party content hosting websites
    • volume consumer products

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