SWG ENVIRO - Premises Environmental Liability (PEI)

by South Western Insurance Group

  • Line of Business
    Power Generation and Natural Resources
  • Locations Served
    All Provinces
  • Documents available
  • Contract required
  • Target Class
    • businesses including:
      • manufacturing
      • automobile repair garage or sales facility
      • petrochemical and chemical
      • pharmaceutical
      • electricity generation, transmission and distribution
      • construction
      • power and water utilities
      • waste management
      • logistics, transportation and warehousing
      • real estate
      • healthcare
      • education 
  • Product Documents
    Application form SWGENVIRO - Premises Environmental Liability (PEI)
    Webpage SWGENVIRO - Premises Environmental Liability (PEI)
  • Coverage
    • Bodily Injury
    • Damages and Fines
    • Environmental Liability
    • Property Damage
    • Third-Party Damage

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