Broker Focus: Survey Results

by Insurr 14 May 2018

You spoke. And we listened.

A month ago we sent out a survey to find out more about how you use the site and what you want from it. We received over 100 responses and had some fascinating results. Not only has it helped us to understand our users better but also how insurr can provide you with a better service.

Here are some of our findings:

How often do you use insurr?

Graph 1 - How often do you use insurr

What is your focus?

Graph 2 - insurr focus

How much of your business is specialty or hard to place?

Graph 3 - insurr business

What do you use insurr for?

  • find market options for a specific risk that has come across your desk: 65%
  • find new insurers and MGAs you don't currently work with: 17%
  • access product application forms and documentation: 11%
  • other: 7%

Has insurr helped you place business over the past 12 months?

57% answered YES!

Would you recommend insurr to a friend or colleague?

88% answered YES!

Would you like to have easier access and searchability of product documents, such as application forms?

  • yes: 85%
  • no: 15%

We would like to improve on the emails and blog content that we send your way. What would you like to hear about?

  • new insurers and MGAs: 28%
  • new product listings: 27%
  • information on how to grow your commercial book of business: 27%
  • information on how to better understand specialty risks (such as Q&As with underwriters): 13%
  • specific content focus: 5%

What new or improved featured would you like to see on insurr?

Here is a selection of some of the responses:

  • more application forms/pdf application forms
  • improved response time
  • coverage section
  • more specialty markets
  • mobile app
  • more specific search results


We were overwhelmed at the positive reaction insurr has received and are keen to get working on the features that will make your search work best for you.

We have already added the following:

  • more visible location for product documents, including application forms (see our video tutorial here)
  • more products and companies added each month (highlighted in our new Product Update section each month)


Coming soon:

  • video tutorial on how to refine and filter your results


We will be in touch again to find out what you think of the new features as well as anything else we can do better.

In the meantime, if you have any other comments or suggestions, you can reach us at: [email protected]