Throwback: January 2018 Search Trends

14 Jan 2019

With the new year comes new adventures to take and challenges to face. Are you ready to take off?

But before anything else, let’s look back on the top searches per region last January 2018. Who knows if these trends will also be the trends for this month?


Ontario Quebec British Columbia
Snow Removal Fireworks Retail
Cyber Crop Insurance Drone
E&O Rigger Liability Resort
Marijuana Cannabis  Cyber
D&O Cyber Gas Station
Home Inspector    Transportation Landscaping
Drone Crane Crime
Airport Paintball Collectibles
Day Care Airbnb Fidelity Bond
Plastic Cattle Insurance  Fire Sprinklers











Alberta Saskatchewan New Brunswick
Cannabis Mediatech Cyber
Course of Construction E&O Garage
Cyber D&O Fleet
Tourism Musician Hospitality
Drone Boat Outfitters
Contractors E&O Condominium Heating Contractor
Dry Cleaners IT Home Renovation
Learning Facility  Jewelry Retailers Sporting Event
Staffing Companies Long Haul Trucking Welding
Insurance Brokers E&O Windmills Motor Truck Cargo











Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island Manitoba
Online Training Accountant Professional Liability
Cross Border Auditors Trucking Fleet
Contents in Transit Asbestos Cyber
Cargo Welding Dry Cleaners
Management Consultant       







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