What Is Insurr?

Welcome to Insurr, the online searchable resource for retail insurance brokers to search and evaluate special risk insurance and connect with specialty and niche market providers.

The specialty insurance market is an increasingly important opportunity for both personal and commercial insurance brokers. With constant developments in technology, there are new risks to be insured. As specialty risk continues to evolve, retail insurance brokers must keep up to stay relevant.

Insurr is the only service, specifically designed for brokers, that offers a comprehensive, up to date listing of specialty and commercial insurance lines.
We serve both the retail insurance broker as well as the specialty insurance market provider, including managing general agents (MGAs), wholesalers and specialty carriers.

Get Searching in 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to www.insurr.com
  2. Sign-in with your email and password (forgot your password? Reset it here)
  3. Enter a keyword and search instantly

Our Value Proposition

Our aim is to provide the most efficient and comprehensive resource for finding, evaluating and applying for specialty insurance.

What We Offer

Our innovative and easy to use website caters to a variety of requirements, offering the following:

  • intuitive keyword search
  • accurate and informative result listings
  • search history
  • comprehensive database of speciality markets
  • at-a-glance factsheets
  • access to up to date product documentation and application forms
  • full program listings with appropriate contacts
  • 24 hour market updates
  • search and filter the most comprehensive list of products from every special risk insurance provider
  • A good source for hard to place risks “a good source for brokers to find companies that will write certain types of risks, especially for the hard to place risks”
  • A great help for commercial insurance “has been a great help to my venture into commercial insurance- thanks!”
  • A resource I would recommend “it is a convenient resource and I have recommended it to fellow brokers”
  • Fast and efficient “prior to Insurr, we were forced to visit each company’s website… it is a fast, efficient method of determining which company would consider a quote”
  • More market options “Insurr gives me more options, and it has given me markets that I wouldn’t ordinarily consider for a certain type of risk”