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    Q1 2019 Updates 23 Apr 2019

    Q1 2019 Updates Here’s a rundown of the top searches as well as newly added listings in the 1st quarter of 2019.

  • Industry Insight
    Legal Expenses or Employment Practice Liability? 29 Mar 2019

    Legal Expenses or Employment Practice Liability? Get to know the differences and similarities between the two insurance products, as well as when to use them.

  • Product updates
    November Updates 18 Dec 2018

    November Updates 2395 products and counting! Make your search more efficient as we continue to add more product listings for you to explore all in one place.

  • Product updates
    October Update 9 Nov 2018

    October Update Don’t miss the newly added listings and trending searches

  • Product updates
    September Update 10 Oct 2018

    September Update Over 2,400 insurance products now listed on insurr! Check out the latest additions and have a look at the most searched products during the month of September.